29 Mar 2017 The Amazon Echo is a very useful smart home gadget, but users run into certain problems with the smart speaker from time to time.

Alexa-enabled group light control not working for just two groups We have 10 Alexa-enabled groups and 8 of them work flawlessly - if you say "Alexa, lights on", bam, it happens. However, in the master bathroom (a group called Bathroom), and my wife's study (a group called Study), this does not work … Amazon Echo devices not working on Christmas Day - Alexa Dec 26, 2018 · "Alexa is also not working anymore on the iPhone (Reboot of all devices was made)." Another Echo owner posted an video of his device displaying a red ring at … My Sonos system isn’t working properly. How do I fix this

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If you are having trouble connecting speakers via Bluetooth please skip this article--this issue only comes up once you successfully connect via Bluetooth. & 20 Dec 2019 Running into issues connecting your Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Dot, Tap, Show, Make sure all your products have been properly registered. Here's a few things to try if your Amazon Alexa is not working correctly. It doesn't work the Alexa skill today has stopped working, it has always worked well for me. It doesn't work on it doesn t. But from app ewelink, if it works properly. 17 Mar 2017 Here are three common issues that users have with Alexa and some simple ways to fix them. These problems aren't earth-shattering, but they  30 Oct 2019 The Alexa in Redmi Note 8 Pro is not working properly. I am facing following issues: 1. The Hands free option in the settings gets turned off 

Mar 21, 2017 · It would appear I’m not the only one who has a soft spot for my Alexa device. The Dot was the best-selling device on Amazon.com from November 1, 2016 … Fire Stick Kodi Not Working? Fix FireStick & Fire TV Now