In Safari on your Mac, clear cookies and website data for some or all websites. You can change options in Safari preferences so that Safari always accepts or Remove stored cookies and data: Click Manage Website Data, select one or 

Cookies are stored on your computer by websites you visit and contain information such as site preferences or login status. This article describes how to delete Firefox cookies, other site data and cached web content.. If you just want to clear the Firefox cache, see How to clear the Firefox cache.; To clear your browsing history, cookies and temporarily cached files at once, see Delete How Do I Mass Delete/Unlike Liked Songs On Spotify Premium . Device. Macbook Air. Operating System. macOS 10.14 . I would like to delete/unlike all my liked songs at once. The answers I've found describing how to do it say to go to the "songs" folder in the left panel, but I don't have anything that just says "Songs" in the left panel. macos - Manually deleting the Safari cookies on Yosemite I am trying to manually delete the cookies for Safari on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.3. I have done this with Chrome and FireFox before (you simply locate their cookie files and delete them). But I seem to fail when trying to do it with Safari. My understanding is that Safari's cookie files are in /Users/me/Library/Cookies

And if you had, the decision would have been in favor of a merger. Now, you should be more careful. We want to merge not to splash one short article into the face of the other, as you did. Fleet Command (talk) 09:58, 2 May 2009 (UTC) I am not an Admin, but it is my understanding that Admins here can decide how long to Block Users from editing all pages on Simple, but cannot technically Block Users from editing a subset of the pages. You can easily fix many issues yourself. Try our Troubleshooter first. If that doesn't help, you'll receive instructions on how to proceed with repair. It seems that much of my email is not getting through -- in either direction. I expect to hear from certain people and - Answered by a verified Email technician

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