Recently purchased T450s from Lenovo Canada online. I have been having intermittent issues with sound, where sometimes no sound will come out of my headphones. sound comes out of the speakers, but not out of headphone jack. It was working a while ago (after the loud noises), but since then, not. I have tried in both Linux and Windows with

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Jul 08, 2012 · I have a T520 thinkpad with a docking station. I can get my headphones to work fine out of the laptop, but I would like to leave my headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the dock itself. The computer doesn't seem to recognize this jack is even there. My only sound options are the laptop Headphones not recognized. Audio plays through laptop May 29, 2018 · Original Title: Headphones not recognized? Recently, when I try to plug in my headphones, the audio still plays through my laptop's speakers. This only began recently. I already tried plugging in different headphones, enabling/disabling the (IDT) audio codec to no avail. Windows 10 Not Detecting Headphones When Plugged In FIX Jun 09, 2017 · Headphones not working on Windows 10? If your headphones do not switch over from the speakers when plugging them into the jack of the computer this tutorial will hopefully resolve your issue.

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No sound from the earphones, or external speaker - Lenovo

Feb 03, 2018 · Shows how to fix Front Audio jack not working or how to fix front headphone jack not working on Windows PC. Sometimes when you plugin headphone or microphone to … [Solved] How to Fix Front Panel Audio Jack not working Aug 07, 2018 · This Video is about How to Fix Front panel Audio Jack not detecting headphones Well as Microphones and Realtek Front Panel jack, not working Issues. You will also learn about Its Causes and Combo headphone jack does not detect mic Solved - Windows Dec 30, 2016 · Combo headphone jack does not detect mic So, I have a laptop with a single headphone jack, and it has the little symbol with both an headphone and a mic. I have bought a V-moda boom pro mic. The microphone is integrated in the cable, and the tip that goes in the jack has four "parts", as it should be. The headphones work just fine, the moment I Headphones not working in my laptop (easy solution) - YouTube

I can only hear sound through both sides of my headphones if I hold them in my laptop's headphone-jack a certain way, otherwise I can only