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So basically my PS3's disc drive doesnt spin the disc anymore but i can hear the laser moving and trying to read the disc whenever i close the  29 Aug 2011 -does not read discs (the disc reading icon in the upper right down, but neither of the two lasers illuminate and the disc does NOT spin at all.

PlayStation 3 does not spin/read discs on Vimeo

22 Feb 2009 First, If you're having trouble with your PS3 DO NOT OPEN YOUR PS3 I've NEVER seen a PS3 laser come back to life after either one of these.. and I try listen for the sound of the disc spinning but I don't hear anything

Results 1 - 18 of 18 So, the problem was not with the disc, but with the PS3 itself (basically, Blu-ray or game disc) but not spin it or otherwise recognize it, leaving PS3 jailbroken ps3 not working with a Would a blu ray drive that is correctly  25 Nov 2013 If you don't want to open up your PS4, you can The drive spins up, and and Did the fan test (turn off the system, hold finger on eject button while turning When i start up my ps3 it starts making a vibraty/clicky noise but only if there PS: I've read online that it could be the disc drive, but I'm not having any 

Most Common Problem's With PS3's & How To Fix Them. Feb 23, 2012 · The PS3's auto clean feature does not work for my 60GB Fat PS3. My PS3 just beeps and does not do a fan test. My PS3's specific model serial is cecha01 if you need that information. Yesterday it was constantly getting disc read errors while my wife was playing MW3. At least 10 times. So where can we get the PS3 repaired for $70-$80? Geek PS3 Detects but doesn't read discs - General Playstation 3 Apr 20, 2010 · My ps3 will detect the disc but it won't actually read it. The little ticker that spins just never stops spinning and the disc does not spin any in the tray. A buddy of mine can fix it for cheap

PS3 Slim Will read DVD but not Blu Ray. - Sony Playstation Sep 22, 2013 · I was fixing my friends PS3 Slim and it will read dvd's but it won't read blu rays or ps3 games. So I figured it was the blu ray lens. So I ordered a new one online and I just finished installing it and the same symptoms are happening! PS3 won't spin disks, laser is not lit up even AFTER