12 Dec 2019 Find more about 'I cannot send text (SMS) messages' with Samsung Support. Unable to send any text messages to a specific contact sitting at the Network Service Provider level, not the mobile device.. Track my Repair.

I have Samsung Galaxy Ace and up till about 2 weeks ago had no problems sending or receiving texts. Now one of my friends doesn't receive texts from me. Problem sending texts to one specific person. NaturalDancer Posts: 4,382. Android phone not receiving text from iPhone and viceversa Sep 29, 2018 · why is my iphone not sending text messages iphone not sending texts When a person is sends you an SMS by using their android device and if …

12 May 2016 text message not sending on an iPhone example Most iPhone users have iMessage enabled, but some may have accidentally (or. I have an iPhone 7 and am able to send and receive texts to everyone, but one person. 8 Nov 2019 When your iPhone can't send texts, you're cut off from friends and Person yelling Maybe your iPhone not sending texts has nothing to do with your Making sure you have the latest version can solve some problems by  I had a similar issue with my Droid X2. I could not send text msg to several people, no apparent common factor. I found another forum that made 

5 Sep 2018 Perhaps an iMessage won't deliver to one specific person. Some people object to read receipts for privacy reasons, although they're enabled by default in iOS 8 and Just go to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts.

I had a similar issue with my Droid X2. I could not send text msg to several people, no apparent common factor. I found another forum that made  16 May 2014 fees and send messages to other Apple users for free, but it's not without its problems. here's how to fix some of the more common issues you might come across. One of iMessage's stranger problems seems to come when your To delete individual messages, open up Messages on your iPhone, tap  6 Aug 2019 If you're not receiving text messages on your iPhone, there are several ways to fix your problem. If you are trying to send a traditional SMS message, you need to have so again, make sure you have a solid connection with one of those. SEE ALSO: The best iPhone for every type of person and budget. 7 Nov 2019 You're not the only one receiving mysterious text messages texts from people they knew, or one of their contacts was sent a puzzling text “Received a text from my cousin at 3:47am that read, 'K I have everyone's order. 15 May 2019 The person that you sent the message to doesn't have an Apple device. iMessage is If you receive messages on one device but not the other.

People were getting texts from the app informing them that they were nominated for various titles, like "most savage board game player." Sending group texts fits into different industries and virtually every industry can benefit from the addition of group texting in their communication plan.Cute Texts To Send Your Girlfriend And What Texts Not To Sendhttps://luvze.com/cute-texts-to-send-your-girlfriendAre you wondering what are the cute texts to send your girlfriend? Here is a huge list of texts you should send her and examples what not to send. There are many reasons that your iPhone is not sending texts to Android properly. Likewise, your iPhone not receiving texts from android properly can have various reasons as well.

Solve an issue where text messages are not getting through to only a single but for some reason, messages sent to this one person just aren't getting through. 4 Jan 2018 I can send and receive texts to anyone (individual or group) 20th I tried again and got the message "Not sent. Tap to. If my response answered your question please click the Correct Answer button under my response.